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Improving Conversion Rates
Conversion Point Architecture & Usability

It's not just about getting traffic to your site, but what happens once visitors reach the site. It's critical that your web site turns visitors into inquires, qualified leads, and new business.

We can evaluate the ability of your web site to persuade your visitors to take action and recommend modifications to the structure and content of the site to help improve conversion rates.

Improving conversion rates on a web site can really pay off. Most companies see returns of from $10 to $100 for every dollar invested in conversion rate improvements.


Conversion Rate: The percentage of your web site traffic that takes the action you desire - Whatever that action is. For some it's an immediate sale, for others it's an inquiry or a newsletter subscription, and for some it's a phone call or future visit to their facility, etc.


We call the art and science of building a compelling web site Conversion Point Architecture. Building upon the science of Usability and Psychology, it takes advantage of web technology and requires an understanding of how web behavior differs from conventional buying behavior. The goal is to insure that the site delivers an effective persuasive path (some refer to this as a conversion funnel), provide a successful branding experience and communicate the appropriate messages.


Download description of
Conversion Point Architecture


To start we may recommend a
User Experience and Conversion Point Review.

We start with a Target Audience Analysis to identify typical users and their needs and then evaluate the following areas of your web site:


    Watch The Video!

    3 minute overview video
    of actual user testing
    Click Youtube to watch larger size

  • Usability Review
    • Navigation
    • Accessibility
    • Functionality of Key Areas
    • Points of Failure
    • Task Completion
    • Readability
    • Download speed & other download issues
  • Design Review
    • Homepage
    • Internal Pages
    • Consistency
    • Forms and Signup Procedures
  • Content
    • Grammar and Spelling
    • Effectiveness of message
    • Effectiveness of images
    • Web Writing Style
  • Conversion Point Architecture
    • Definition of site objectives
    • How effectively does content meet site objectives
    • Images and look/feel contribution to Conversion Point Architecture
    • How to measure Conversion Rate
    • Review of "Sales Funnel" - Identification of essential elements and recommendations for improvement
  • Site Metrics (if available. See Web Site Analytics below)
    • Conclusions from site metrics


Building on a User Experience and Conversion Point Review we may suggest further site testing and possibly site redesign.

Typically we perform “user tests” on the existing site, redesign prototypes, or competitor sites for functionality and Conversion Point Architecture.

This is done with either verbal or lab testing of individual candidates who meet the criteria for potential customers. This testing reveals deeper insights into the issues tested in a Usability and User Experience and Conversion Point Review and also covers:

  • Brand Impact- what brand image does your site convey
  • Value Proposition – How is it being perceived
  • Look/Feel – what messages does the site convey, what emotions does it evoke
  • Content effectiveness - how is the message being received and how compelling is it
  • Conversion – Does the site answer the questions and provide the information needed to convert visitors into customers
  • Conversion Point Architecture during initial site design or relaunch.

Lab/Video Testing of candidates includes:

  • Video testing includes personality profiling and learning styles testing of candidates to improve results.
  • Video capture of body language, physical reactions, and eye movements
  • Event log of every key stroke, application launch, page launch and time on task
  • Clickstream recording of entire mouse and screen activity

Additionally we can perform comparisons with competitive sites as well for further insights.

The video recordings are delivered complete as recorded as well as highlights videos which deliver selected activities to demonstrate areas of the site which have room for improvement.


Improving conversion rates for Email Campaigns

We can improve the conversion rates of your email marketing campaigns, increasing the percentage of readers who make a purchase or an inquiry (or whatever the goal of the email campaign may be).

Ideal Email Campaigns:

  • The email message links the reader back to a web site where they can take some action.
  • It should be a web site that you can make changes to within a reasonable timeframe (ideally one where you can make changes very quickly).
  • You do periodic emails, not just one time, so that we can make systemic improvements over time,

    Or you do a large quantity email blast and have the ability to send the messages in batches over a period of a month or two so we can make changes for each batch and watch the results in order to make systemic improvements.


Web Site Design/Redesign

We design or redesign web sites using Conversion Point Architecture Design to dramatically improve conversion rates. It's a much different approach than the typical site design process - See Web Site Design/Redesign for more about Conversion Point Architecture Design.


Site Redesigned using Conversion Point Architecture
Read A Client Case Study:




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