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  eVision - We are Search Engine Marketing experts. We'll develop a custom "search engine marketing" strategy that drives traffic to your web site through legitimate Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Marketing tactics  

Referral Site Development (aka Link Building),
Social Media, & Online Promotion

Getting publicity and mentions about your site on other web sites such as regional or industry directories, on industry news and association web sites, and other complementary web sites can bring a continuous stream of new visitors to your web site from within your target market.

In addition, most major search engines perform a ‘Linking Analysis” to determine how relevant a web site is to the keywords being searched on (this is often referred to as Link Popularity or "Link Pop" for short).

As Google explains, “Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B”

Basically they look for other related web sites that include links to your site (in addition to the links from page to page on your own site). So it's very important to have links to your web site in order to improve your results with search engines, both the traditional organic listings and the evolving Local Listings.

However it’s not the quantity of the incoming links that affects rankings, but rather the quality as determined by each search engine. The majority of incoming links to a site will be “devalued” and have little or no effect on rankings. Incoming links can be devalued for many reasons including links from low quality web sites and directories, links from sites being penalized in some manner, links from paid listings on other web sites, links from affiliate partners, etc.

We suggest only developing links and mentions (Citations) on "quality", industry, related sites, directories, etc., that can bring targeted traffic to your site – Traffic that may convert into inquires, leads, subscriptions, memberships, sales, etc. Consider the ranking boost you may get from these links an added bonus.


Why don't we call it "Link Building”? Companies that have their clients focus on "Link Building" for the primary purpose of improving rankings often get involved in activities considered to be spammy by the search engines. Most of these techniques work, at best, only for a while before the search engines devalue their effect, resulting in wasted time… Learn More in “Can we stop calling it Linking Building?


A Promotional Strategy

In a Referral Site Development & Online Promotion campaign we'll develop a promotional strategy to build traffic and brand awareness. After understanding your market and its online community and examining your competition we'll develop suggestions for you to consider to:

Add content to the site to help develop a site that is more useful to your visitors and that others want to link to or mention naturally.

We may suggest developing other digital assets such as video, etc to help dominate Page 1 results with listings from you site and other sites (See below for more on Blended Search results about this).

We’ll develop a strategy to promote your web site within the online community such as participating in Social Media (such as profile sites, blogs & forums, review sites, press releases, etc).

We'll look for other opportunities to promote your web site by, for example, developing useful articles to use on your site and other sites such as industry magazines, seeking third party referrals and reviews etc

We look for e-newsletters that you can sponsor, opt-in email lists (these lists include people who have specifically agreed to receive certain kinds of email) that you can send messages to.


Note: We do not participate in any reciprocal programs, link 'farms' and other link popularly schemes as there is a risk that your web site can be penalized by search engines if you participate in them.


Social Media & Online Marketing Implementation Service

Today, Social Media (such as Facebook, twitter, blogs etc) should be an integral part of a businesses' marketing plan.

  • Participating in Social Media can help increase brand awareness and deliver more traffic to your web site which can develop into more business.
  • Links and mentions developed by participating in social media may help improve search engine results both both the traditional organic listings and the evolving Local Listings.

However the implementation of Social Media can be very time consuming, so eVisionSEM has a service to help our client's with this.

More Info on eVision’s Social Media & Online Marketing Service


Search Engine Marketing Ethics

eVision will not knowingly use any techniques widely considered to be SPAM by the search engines and directories. Many of these techniques can get your site penalized or even banned from a search engine. We adhere to the emerging "Best Practices" standards in search engine marketing. eVision is a member of SEMPO - The Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization.

Ready to have eVision improve your search engine results? Call us at 203.481.8005 or use our contact form.


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