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Online Optimized Press Releases

Online press releases are one of the tools we employ to:

• Help get the news out about newsworthy topics to industry journalists and related web sites, etc. who may run the story in print or online.

• Put positive news stories about you on the web where they may be returned in search results.

• Helps increase positive brand awareness. Can help educate your audience, build reputation

• Increase targeted traffic to your site from the press release sites, search engines and online news sites, and from the sites that run your story.

• Can increase the links to your web site from the sites who mention you news item (an industry survey or new product announcement for example link to your site ). These links help increase traffic to your web site and some of these links may help improve rankings.

We submit Press Releases that not only get your press release in front of industry journalists and related web sites; the press release gets indexed in Goggle News, Yahoo News and other news sites like Topix.net within hours with a link to your web site.

Then within a month of so the press release is indexed in the main Goggle, Yahoo and other search engine databases where it may be found in the results of searches on the topics covered in the press release, the organization or company name, product names etc.

Very often we see a Press Release we submit for a client really take off as online industry related sites run the story, such as a new product release, and link to the site. This is often followed by other related industry information sites seeing the story, visiting the site, and adding information and links on their sites.


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More Details on how online optimized press releases works

Online Optimized Press Releases help in a few ways;

First they help get the news out about the topic to industry journalists, related web sites, etc. who may run the story.

Second the press releases appear in searches on the Google News, Yahoo News, other news sites and hundreds or even thousands of sites that display news headlines within hours. Most of these links are temporary and remain up for days or weeks.

We often see other industry web sites add the press release or parts of it to their sites (such as in new product showcases, etc) with links to your site that remain online for some period of time and can continue to bring targeted traffic to the site.

After a few weeks to a month the press release usually gets indexed into the main Google, Yahoo and other search engine databases. Once this happens the press release is available to be found in searches on the words and phrases in it. How well it will do in these searches will depend on the competition for the phrases.

Also a press release and the other web sites that pick up the story and link back to your site may help the pages from the site achieve higher rankings (this usually takes months). A major factor in how well a page from a web site does in a search on a competitive phrase is the number and quality of incoming links from other web sites (We call this link popularity - See Strategic Link Building fro more information).

One optimized press release may help bring targeted traffic to your site, but press releases should be part of a longer term campaign. A series of press releases over time can have a dramatic effect.



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