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Directory Submissions

We don't submit web sites to search engines very often anymore. Search engines will find your site as they crawl the web as long as there are some links to the site from other sites, See Referral Site Development Link Building & Promotion for more information.

There are directories however, such as the Yahoo Directory, the Open Directory Project, and other broad and industry specific directories where you should consider listing your site. Unlike search engines, which send a “spider” to automatically read and index your site, most directories have a human (an editor) visit your site to review it. In order to be considered for inclusion in most directories the site must be submitted

Being listed in directories can help build targeted traffic in a couple of ways. You may get additional visitors from the directory as people browse through it. In addition, most major search engines perform a ‘Linking Analysis” to help them rank the results of a search (this is often referred to as Link Popularity or "Link Pop" for short, See Referral Site Development Link Building & Promotion for more information Basically they look for other web sites that include links to your site to gage how “important"your web site or web page is. They use this linking analysis in part to determine which web pages to display at the top of the search results. So it helps to have links to your web site in order to improve your results with search engines. Listings in many directories are simple links to a web site which can help with Link Popularity. In addition, it's important for new web sites to have links from other sites in order for the search engines to follow the links to the site and index the site's pages. Links from directories are often followed by search engines as they crawl the web.

Most directories break their listings into specific categories. We choose the best category(s) to suggest for your site. Then we prepare a suggested Site Title and Site Description for your listing, ideally after some keyword research, See SEO for more information about keyword research, and submit the site.

Note: Ideally we choose the best category and prepare the Site Title and Site Description using the results of some keyword research, See Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for more information about keyword research.

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