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Web Video Production & Marketing
eVisionSEM's video production platform allows us to create high quality videos for clients at a much lower cost than ever before.

Web videos can improve conversion rates, rankings, social engagement, and help build business from many web venues...

Help Conversions – A profile or testimonial video on your web site, at the right place as someone is considering doing business with you, can make a big difference in conversions. It can be the message that convinces them to contact you.

Help Increase Leads from Other Web Venues – We can add the video(s) to your Google Places (Maps) Page if you have one. This can also help convince people viewing your local listing to contact you.

We can include videos in numerous other web sites such as the social media sites with which you participate (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc), online directories such as yellow pages, other local listings, etc.

Hosting a Video on Youtube may help increase rankings and leads – We can host your videos on Youtube and link to your site which can help the rankings of your web site.

Also the video may appear in the results of some searches when people are looking for what you offer and this could generate more leads.

Once hosted on Youtube we can then include the video on many other sites such as Linkedin, Google Places (Maps) listings etc.

An example of a client video on YouTube:

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