July 2006 Online Marketing Newsletter

“We've seen a dramatic increase in visitors to our site and in sales leads since we've worked with eVision. Their analysis, ideas and assistance have been right on target for our company.”
Woodland Power Products, Inc.
West Haven, CT

Usability, Conversion Rate Evaluations, and Conversion Point Architecture
It's critical that your web site turns visitors into inquires, qualified leads, and new business. Improving conversion rates on a web site can really pay off. Most companies see returns of from $10 to $100 for every dollar invested in conversion rate improvements.

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Turn your web site into a SALES TOOL!

We are Search Engine Marketing experts. We'll develop a custom "search engine marketing" strategy that drives traffic to your web site through legitimate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising tactics.

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July 2006 eVision Online Marketing Newsletter


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Press Release Case Study

In this issue we'll go through a case study for a typical search engine optimization (SEO) project. This is a real project for a motorcycle leather apparel manufacturer that lasted about 6 months.

Results Summary
When we started this project pages from the site were not reaching the first 3 pages of search results for most of the company's important search terms (Only phrases that included the company and its brand names were reaching top positions) - Read why it's vital to reach the first 3 pages of Search Results

At the end of the project search positions (rankings) for almost all search terms had improved dramatically in the search results, many to page 1, in the four major search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN, and ASK and traffic from search engines has increased substantially.

In addition, the site has received and continues to receive considerable traffic from the optimized press releases we submitted. Just as important, many industry and news web sites have added the company's product information to their sites because of the press releases. Most of these industry and news sites include links to the US Leathers site that bring targeted traffic and may help influence the search position of the pages from the site - Learn more about Optimized Press Releases

by George Aspland

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eVision's "Shared Risk/Reward" Paid Listing Campaign

Paid search listings (Including Pay-per-click search engine ads such as Google Adwords) can be very effective. eVision has been developing Paid Listing Campaigns since they were first offered. We're experts at maximizing results! - See Search Engine Advertising for more information on paid listing campaigns.

Most search engine marketing agencies charge a percentage of the amount their clients spend on click through charges, usually about 15%, for their campaign management fees plus some minimum monthly fee. We believe this approach can be a conflict of interest. The agency's incentive is maximize the amount you spend!

eVision's "Shared Risk/Reward" Paid Listing Campaign compensation strategy is available for selected clients. The strategy is simple: eVision is paid mainly as a percentage of incremental net revenue or based on some other win-win approach such as number of leads generated, etc. In other words, our fees depend on our ability to generate significant new revenue for you.

Your only risk is a minimum monthly management fee.

Contact us to see if a "Shared Risk/Reward" Paid Listing Campaign can work for you.


Building a Sign up Page that Converts

The sign up page is the “money page” for many sites and represents success or failure. An exit from the signup page is usually a loss and is often not recovered.

This article shows you how to build successful sign up pages and avoid common mistakes.

by Todd Follansbee

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Need help to start blogging?

Blogs are great way to add content to a site. Blogs help keep a web site fresh with new content that can keep visitors and search engines returning to the site. The content will likely get indexed in the search engines where it may appear in search results bringing visitors to your site. And a blog can help build your reputation (highlighting your expertise for example).

Definition - Blog is short for weblog. A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. To find some examples of Blogs go to http://blogsearch.google.com and search on just about any topic

Blogs require quite a commitment. First it takes a fair amount of time to get a blog started. Once started a blog requires daily or almost daily updating to keep it fresh with new content etc

I've met some folks from a company that can help. First they'll set up the blog tools you need on your web site and train you on these tools.

Then, if you need help with the ongoing content they can help with copy writing (Plus we have an large network of copywriters available too).

If you want to talk to them just contact us


Say Bye-bye to Rankings and Hello to SEO Success

In this issue we've included an article by Jill Whalen of High Rankings® from her SEO newsletter.

Like us, Jill has found that web analytics tools such as Click Tracks and Google Analytics are the most important tools we have to measure the results of a search marketing campaign

by Jill Whalen

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