January 2007 Online Marketing Newsletter

"Almost all our new business prospects come from the web site now. No more cold calling!"
Richard Donovan
CCI Logistics
Wallingford, Connecticut

Usability, Conversion Rate Evaluations, and Conversion Point Architecture
It's critical that your web site turns visitors into inquires, qualified leads, and new business. Improving conversion rates on a web site can really pay off. Most companies see returns of from $10 to $100 for every dollar invested in conversion rate improvements.

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Turn your web site into a SALES TOOL!

We are Search Engine Marketing experts. We'll develop a custom "search engine marketing" strategy that drives traffic to your web site through legitimate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising tactics.

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January 2007 eVision Online Marketing Newsletter


In this issue...


The importance of an effective custom "Page not found"
error page
(HTML 404 errors)

Many of the clients we've worked do not have this important error procedure setup on their servers.

The issue - Many of the inner pages of your web site get indexed by search engines and if you rename or delete them you may loose some prospective visitors if you do not have an effective custom “Page not found” error page procedure setup on your server

by George Aspland

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Initial Search Engine Review & Competitive Analysis

In these reviews we take a competitive look at your web site, look for any major problems with your site that can impede search engine results and outline steps to consider to help improve results.

Key points we examine include:

  • Are there any major problems with your site that impede search engine results?

  • How many pages are indexed in a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo? If your pages aren't indexed, the search engines can’t find you.

  • What’s your linking position look like compared to one or more competitors? Are your search results being improved by a high volume and high quality of links to the site? Are results hampered by the lack of such links? See Strategic Linking Building for more information.

  • What’s your current position for a few key phrases relevant to your business compared to one or more competitors?

  • Suggestions on how to improve search engine results.


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Form Confirmations can make or break the first impression

Form confirmations are an afterthought for most web sites however used properly they can improve conversions and insure a very positive first experience.

by Todd Follansbee

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Whom Can You Trust (To work on your SEO campaign)

In this issue we've included another article by Jill Whalen of High Rankings® from her SEO newsletter.

Jill discuses what factors businesses should weigh when choosing
their SEO firm

by Jill Whalen

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eVision's "Shared Reward" Paid Listing Campaign. Finally - Performance Based Search Advertising Campaign Management!!

Paid search listings (Including Pay-per-click search engine ads such as Google Adwords) can be very effective. eVision has been developing Paid Listing Campaigns since they were first offered. We're experts at maximizing results!

Most search engine marketing agencies charge a percentage of the amount their clients spend on click-through charges, usually about 15-20%, for their campaign management fees, plus some minimum monthly fee.

We manage campaigns under this structure too. However, this approach is modeled on the traditional print advertising agency fee where the ad agency is paid based on a percentage of the advertising spend.

We think there's a much better approach, one based on campaign performance - eVision's Shared Reward Search Marketing Program, available for selected clients.

See Search Engine Advertising for more information on paid listing campaigns and eVision's Shared Reward Search Marketing Program


The Absolute Ultimate Final Total Complete Eradication of Spam - A Morality Tale

A hilarious story about the "End of SPAM". A little humor for the beginning of the New Year written by a client.

by Patrick Moore

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eVision wins 2006 W³ Award for excellence in web site design

eVision was selected as the Silver Winner in the Professional Services category for the 2006 W³ awards by the International Academy of Visual Arts and the W³ - The World Wide Web Consortium.


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