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March 2003. Just got back from the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Boston - THE search marketing event!

A few notes to share with you.

Yahoo buying Inktomi,
Overture Buying AltaVista and Fast

It's been in the press for two months now, but in case you haven't heard Yahoo is in the process of buying the Inktomi search engine, a major search engine that supplies results to many others including MSN Search.

At the same time
Overture, the leading distributor of pay-per-click ads supplying many of the majors including Yahoo, is buying the AltaVista and Fast Search engines.

We'll have to wait and see how these acquisitions affect the overall search engine field.

Search marketing reduces overall marketing costs for many companies
Many companies are seeing a dramatic reduction in their overall marketing cost by focusing on search marketing.

It can be expensive to market through search engines effectively, but it's still far less expensive than other forms of marketing such as print and TV.

In addition, many companies are finding that search engine marketing is much more targeted than other forms of marketing and this is resulting in a lower cost to acquire a new customer.

ROI tools are maturing

It can be difficult and expensive to track visitors to your web site all the way through to a sale. The better we can track visitors the more accurately we determine your Return on Investment for search marketing as well as determine what search terms (keyword phrases) and which search engines are paying off.

There are new tools available and we expect to test some of these soon. This new family of tracking tools doesn't have the problems inherit in the first generation of tools we've tried in the past.

The first generation tools (They are usually called something like "click tracking") pass your visitor through a click tracking server before sending them on to your web site. This can result in lost traffic if there's a problem with the click tracking server.

Editorial listings will remain important
Search engine listings can be broken into two categories, pay-for-placement (PPC) and Editorial (also called Organic Listings). With pay-for-placement listings you determine your place in the search engine results (called Ranking) by the amount you pay. Usually the more you pay the higher you'll be placed in the listings (Such as with Overture's pay-per-click listings). These listings are usually highlighted in the search results and refereed to by names such as "Sponsored Listings".

Many people believe that paying for placement is the way of the future with search engines and that Editorial listings are going the way of the dinosaur.

Editorial listings are the traditional search results. The search engines attempt to list the results based on their ‘relevancy’ to the search. The results are ranked based on many variables that we can affect through Search Engine Optimization techniques such as including important keywords in Page Titles and within the visible text on the page, through link building, etc.

Most companies reported that their clients get far more traffic from their editorial listings than their pay-per-placement ads. This is the case with most of our clients too. There are a many reasons why this is the case including the following.

Many people will not click on sponsored listings. They’ll only use the traditional editorial results that they believe are more relevant than the sponsored listings.

In addition, many small businesses just can't afford to pay the often very high per-click charges needed to stay at the top of the listings.

Finally many companies reported that placing high in the both the Editorial listings and the sponsored listings gave them the best results as they receive a mixture of pay-per-click traffic and 'free' editorial traffic.

George Aspland

eVision, LLC
Branford, CT


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