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Online Marketing Newsletter - August 2003

Keyword research is a vital
first step in online marketing

When it comes to online marketing, keyword research, that is finding out what keyword phrases people in your target market(s) are searching on (such as “red widget manufacturers”) is a critical first step.

We use the results of keyword research for almost every phase of an online marketing; optimizing the pages of a web site to improve search engine positioning, link building (finding potential sites to add a link to your site and possibly advertise on), as well as finding targeted email lists and newsletters letters to sponsor, and more.

We get many calls from people asking us to help improve their results with one or more specific keywords phrases (I’ll refer to keyword phrases as either just keywords or search terms). We have to ask them, “have you done the research on these phrases and you’re sure they’re important keywords?”

More often than not they haven’t done any research, but they ‘know’ these are important search terms. When we do the keyword research for the client we often discover that very few people are actually searching on the keyword(s) they thought were important. Focusing on the wrong keywords can sabotage your online marketing efforts!

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How we discover the most
important Keywords for a web site

We use a database that contains a large sample of the searches performed daily (over 300 million searches) on some major search engines during the previous 60 days. We go through you web site (if there is one), any other business communications you can provide us, as well as competitor web sites looking for words and phrases that people might search on. The database system shows us how many people actually searched on that keyword within the sample database and it calculates an estimate of how many times people search on the keyword everyday across all major search engines.

At the same time, the keyword database system analyzes up to about 200 web pages that contain the keyword phrase. From those pages it displays a long list of other, related keywords so we can determine if any of those keywords apply.

And there’s more, the system looks up each keyword in a thesaurus and displays those results so we can see if there are other related terms that might apply.

When we are done with a keyword research project you can be sure we have found an evaluated most, if not all, of the keywords that are important to your web site. The system even shows us how much competition there is for the keywords from other web pages indexed at important search engines like Google.

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When should keyword Research be done?
Ideally keyword research should be done before you start designing a web site. We use the results to influence the text that you or we write for the web pages in order to improve the results you’ll see with the search engines. We also use the most important keywords to create the tags (such as the meta tags I’m sure many of you have heard about) that we imbed within the code of the your pages that many search engines read. In addition, we can use the results of the keyword research to help determine the names given to the web pages, even to help to determine the most effective domain name ( to use for marketing purposes.

The results of the keyword research can even help us determine what pages to include in your web site as it may make sense to have some pages that focus entirely on one or two important search terms. In addition, we often find that people are searching for information related to your product or service. It can help to provide this related information on your web site. In time the search engines will index this information and list these pages in the results of the searches being performed. Some people will visit your web site to read the information. While they are reading the information they’ll also be exposed to your sales messages included on these pages and they will see the links to the rest of your site and may be enticed to learn more about your organization and the products and services you provide.

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Using keyword research to help
determine if a web site should be developed

In fact keyword research can even help you determine if it makes sense to build a web site in the first place. If the primary goal of a planned web site is to attract new prospects via search engine marketing then a keyword research project (a feasibility study) can help you determine how many people are searching on important keyword phases and the results can help you decide if it makes sense to invest in a web site to try to attract them

We recently performed a keyword research project for a Connecticut insurance company. They would like to build a web site to attract people looking for health insurance in Connecticut. But first they needed to know if enough people are searching on related keyword phrases that include the word Connecticut or CT. If most people search on broader health insurance search terms without including a location then our client would be in the very difficult situation of trying to compete with a huge number of web pages on a national basis.

In our initial research we found almost 300 keyword phrases related to the types of insurance they carry! This is fairly typically. We usually find a large number of related keywords that the client didn’t think of. We then categorized the keywords and narrowed the list down to a ‘short list’ of important related keywords. We were then able to determine that there are enough related searches being performed every day that include the all important location keywords to justify building and marketing a web site to try to attract them. The client is moving ahead with the web site project.

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Open Directory Project getting back to normal

It looks like The Open Directory's problems are just about over. For months we've seen problems at this important but troubled volunteer directory. Very often submissions could not be completed. More over the directory was unavialable during most of the day.

The Open Directory Project is a human-powered directory supplying Google and many others. They are just about completed doing a massive upgrade to the directories backend, which includes the addition of several new servers.

George Aspland

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