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Online Marketing Newsletter - August 2004

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It's been a few of months since the last newsletter. Just a couple of things to report.

Google penalizes large number of sites
The biggest news has been the large number of penalties being applied to web sites by Google over the last few months.

Earlier this year I mentioned that both Yahoo and Google announced they would be focusing on search engine SPAM, detecting and penalizing sites that attempt to influence the search engine results by various methods considered to be unethical.

Many, many sites have been penalized by Google. It appears that the penalties mostly involve sites that Google believes are participating in various linking tricks that many companies have developed to try to improve their rankings, such as setting up numerous domain names and cross-linking the sites to inflate a site's apparent popularity as well as other linking schemes.

However, many sites that do not appear to be involved in any "unethical" practices have also been penalized. We can only hope that Google has "over penalized" and will correct the situation quickly.

Both Google and Yahoo publish online guidelines of acceptable and unacceptable practices for web sites that wish to be included in their databases. You should take a minute to review the guidelines and make sure you don't break the rules or your site may get penalized too.

Google Guidelines:

Yahoo Guidelines:

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MSN Search Engine Preview
We've been telling you MSN Search has been developing its own search engine for some time now. Currently most of the search results on MSN Search come from Yahoo.

MSN has released a preview of its search site where you can ”Give it a spin” and provide feedback for a limited time.

MSN Search Preview -

Previously MSN announced they expected to launch the new search engine in 2005, but don't be too surprised to see it sooner.

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